Stage 1 and 2 Curriculum


Linked from this page, you will find three main resources which will help you embed problem solving into your curriculum:
If you are an Early Years practitioner, you may well find our Early Years homepage more appropriate than this one.

Curriculum Mapping Documents
Our Curriculum Mapping Documents link NRICH tasks to curriculum objectives.

NRICH tasks embrace the aims of the mathematics national curriculum in England (problem solving, reasoning and fluency) as well as curriculum 'content'.
Early Years and Key Stage 1 Mathematics National Curriculum - pdf or Word document
Key Stage 2 Mathematics National Curriculum - pdf or Word document 

First and Second Levels Mathematics Curriculum for Excellence - pdf or Word document

NRICH tasks linked to the Curriculum for Wales Foundation Phase Framework:
Nursery - Word document or pdf
Reception - Word document or pdf
Year 1 - Word document or pdf
Year 2 - Word document or pdf

NRICH tasks linked to the Curriculum for Wales Mathematics Programmes of Study in Key Stage 2:
Year 3 - Word document or pdf
Year 4 - Word document or pdf
Year 5 - Word document or pdf
Year 6 - Word document or pdf

Cambridge Primary Maths

In addition to the mapping documents and our collections of tasks (see below), don't forget our features, which gather together tasks and articles around a theme.  They are very usefully explored during a staff meeting, for example.  Our features generally fall into one of four categories: 

1. We have some specific features that will help you embed the aims of the new National Curriculum in England (problem solving, reasoning and fluency) in your school. We have one feature on each of the aims:
Problem Solving
Number Fluency

Linked to these, we have features on some of the key problem-solving skills:
Working Systematically
Mastering Mathematics: Developing Generalising and Proof
Strategy Games

And alongside the above, take a look at our Recording Mathematics feature.

2. We have features on key parts of the curriculum content that you may find tricky:
Number Sense and Place Value
Algebra in the New Curriculum

We also have the following curriculum-linked features:
Playing with Number
Playing with 2D Shape
Number Patterns

3. We have features on the use of key manipulatives (be sure to take a look at Jenni Back's article on use of manipulatives: Manipulatives in the Primary Classroom):
Playing with Dice

4. We also have features on pedagogical aspects of classroom practice:
Low Threshold High Ceiling Tasks
Developing Group-working Skills
Developing Able Young Mathematicians
Using Young Mathematicians' Award Tasks to Develop Problem-solving and Group-working Skills
Encouraging Creativity - Open Spaces
Encouraging Creativity - Play to Win

The collections below include our favourite rich tasks, some of which may not appear on the mapping documents, so we suggest you look there too!