Professional Development

NRICH is delighted to support teacher professional development through conference keynotes, workshops and free webinars. On our What We Think and Why We Think It Primary and Secondary pages, we have links to articles which teachers could use as the basis for in-house PD.

Conference keynotes and workshops


NRICH welcomes invitations to support teacher professional development. We offer conference keynotes and workshops for groups of schools (including MATs), Maths Hubs, teacher training institutions, subject associations and local authorities to help support teachers develop rich mathematical learning opportunities for their students.

Please email for further details.


Free resources for school maths days and maths fairs

Based on the popular resources enjoyed by students attending our NRICH Roadshows, these free resources enable schools to plan and deliver their own maths fairs and maths days for 5-16 year-old students (we've even included a helpful spreadsheet to support planning!).