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Below are details (in order of date) of upcoming day conferences that the NRICH team is running and events to which we are contributing.


Primary Mathematics Teachers and Subject Leaders Programme 2018-19
London Mathematical Society

Tuesday 6th November 2018   Developing mathematical curiosity
Thursday 14th March 2019   Developing mathematical resilience
Thursday 20th June 2019   Developing mathematical collaboration

These engaging and stimulating days are for all Primary teachers of Mathematics as well as Primary Mathematics Subject Leaders.  These days are suitable for those who have attended earlier NRICH professional development and also stand alone for delegates who will be joining us for the first time.  Each day will be a mixture of interactive engagement with tasks from the NRICH site, and will respond to issues raised and challenges identified on the day through group dialogue.

Booking will be opening in the autumn term, please check back then for more details.

Primary Mathematics Teachers and Subject Leaders Programme 2017-18
Bristol Primary Teaching School Alliance

Tuesday 7th November 2017
Thursday 8th March 2018
Friday 21st September 2018 (booking open)

This trio of days will draw on the recent Smith report, and recommendations from ACME and Ofsted to support primary teachers and leaders of mathematics in inspiring and engaging their learners and colleagues.  ​Whether you are an existing or aspiring subject leader, a teacher seeking mathematical motivation or are already a regular NRICH PD attendee, we look forward to welcoming you and working together.

1. Teaching Mathematics - So you think you know NRICH?

Come and explore new ways to use rich mathematical resources to develop problem-solving, reasoning and fluency skills in your classroom.  We will consider pedagogical approaches that rely on teachers questioning answers, rather than answering questions. Discover the value of incomplete solutions, in encouraging learners to look for alternative approaches and elegant solutions. 

There will be a chance to review what you think you know about NRICH (including some mathematical myth-busting), be inspired by some new additions and connect with our latest project focus.

2. Knowing Mathematics - Making the most of mistakes     

Einstein said, “I have no special talent.  I am only passionately curious.” At NRICH we think curiosity is the key to knowledge and as the focus of our latest project, we’re inviting primary teachers and mathematics leaders to come and enhance their subject specific knowledge by being curious.

Here we will take the time to examine and plan for common misconceptions in primary mathematics, consider when to introduce cognitive conflict to build resilience and perseverance, and explore ways in which mistake-making can be a powerful pedagogical tool for good.

3. Enthusing Mathematicians - Leading learners

Inspiring a love of mathematics, whether in colleagues or your classroom, is an exciting and multifarious task!  As part of this programme we will share with you some of our newest resources designed to promote mathematical curiosity and inspire awe and wonder. You will have the opportunity to seek and share innovative impactful ideas, expand your own enthusiasm for the subject and gain some reflective perspective as part of a supportive professional community.

To book please visit the Bristol Primary Teaching School Alliance.

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