Student Webinars

Age 5 to 16

Throughout the year, NRICH often leads online student webinars as part of the Cambridge Festival, Maths Week England and Maths Week London, as well as a few other events for students. The online webinars provide the opportunity for students across the UK and beyond to work mathematically together. 

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Links to previous NRICH student webinars can be found below:

16 May 2023 (for National Numeracy Day)

Recording (features Number Lines in Disguise, Dicey Operations in Line, Less is More

14 November 2022 (for Maths Week England)

Recording (features Less is More, More Less is More)

28 June 2022 (for Maths Week London)

Recording (featured Less is More, First Connect Three and Connect Three)

March/April 2022 (for Cambridge Festival)

Session for 9-11 year olds featured Less is MoreSeeing Squares and Got It
Session for 11-14 year olds featured Fruity TotalsCharlie's Delightful MachineFactors and Multiples GameThe Number Jumbler
Session for 15-17 year olds - see this summary of the content 

10 November 2021 (for Maths Week England)

Recording (featured Fruity Totals)

29 June 2021 (for Maths Week London)

Recording (featured Nim-7 and Daisy)

27 March 2021 (for Cambridge Festival)

9-11 year olds: Recording on YouTube (featured Magic Vs)
11-14 year olds: Recording on YouTube (featured Dozens)
15-17 year olds: Recording on YouTube (featured Adventures with Complex Numbers)

10 November 2020 (for Maths Week England)

Recording (featured the Factors and Multiples Game)

June 2020 (videos created for Maths Week London)

Primary tasks featured: Unexpected Ordering, Poly Plug Rectangles, Factors and Multiples Game
Secondary tasks featured: American Billions, Odds and Evens Made Fair

11 June 2019 

Recording (featured Neighbourly Addition)

12 December 2018

Recording (featured Magic Crosses)

2016 Cambridge Science Festival

Recording of face to face event (featured Summing Consecutive Numbers)

Information and booking details for future NRICH student webinars can be found here.