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Traffic Lights

The game uses a 3x3 square board. 2 players take turns to play, either placing a red on an empty square, or changing a red to orange, or orange to green. The player who forms 3 of 1 colour in a line wins.


A number game requiring a strategy.

Jumping Reindeer

A game for 1 person to develop stategy and shape and space awareness. 12 counters are placed on a board. Counters are removed one at a time. The aim is to be left with only 1 counter.


Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

This is a game for 2 players which you can play with pencil and paper.

You first draw a daisy with five petals.
The players take it in turns to shade one petal or two petals next to each other.
The winner is the one to shade the last petal.
Try to work out the winning strategy and whether one of the players has the advantage.

What happens if you have more than five petals?