About NRICH: Project Aims

NRICH is a team of qualified teachers who are also practitioners in rich mathematical thinking. This unique blend means that NRICH is ideally placed to offer advice and support to both learners and teachers of mathematics.

NRICH is directly and indirectly involved with educational policy makers. This means that we can offer informed guidance and practical advice about working in schools.

NRICH aims to:
  • Enrich the experience of the mathematics curriculum for all learners
  • Offer challenging and engaging activities
  • Develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Show rich mathematics in meaningful contexts
  • Work in partnership with teachers, schools and other educational settings
For teachers of mathematics, we:
  • Offer FREE enrichment material (Problems, Articles and Games) for all ages that really can help to inspire and engage learners and embed RICH tasks into everyday practice.
  • Help to promote RICH thinking in classrooms by offering on-line and face-to-face support at Primary and Secondary level.
  • Deliver professional development courses and workshops in rich mathematics.
  • Help teachers to think strategically about 'next steps' and progression in problem solving.
And for those learning mathematics, we:
  • Provide FREE and interesting mathematical games, problems and articles.
  • Encourage you to share your solutions to our mathematical problems.
  • Offer a safe online space where you can meet others with similar interests.

More about NRICH, the project's history and recent annual reports