About NRICH: Meet the Team

Ems Lord
NRICH Director

Ems joined the team as NRICH Director in 2015. She is the President of the Mathematics Association (2019-2020), a member of the Joint Mathematical Council and a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teachers.  Ems has taught mathematics across the key stages, from Early Years to A Level Further Mathematics, and has worked in a variety of settings including a hospital school. Her previous roles include supporting schools as a Leading Mathematics Teacher, local authority consultant and as a Chartered  Mathematics Teacher. Ems successfully led one of the largest Mathematics Specialist Teacher programmes and has taught mathematics education on both BEd and PGCE teacher programmes. She recently completed her doctoral thesis and is a research fellow at Clare Hall College, Cambridge.

Liz Woodham
Primary Coordinator

Liz graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge and then enjoyed eight months living on an island in Lake Malawi attempting to teach English, Music and PE to local children. Following a PGCE, Liz was a primary school teacher in north London before joining the NRICH team. Liz's role as Primary Coordinator involves working as part of a team to develop primary-level materials for the website and to run associated teacher professional development. Liz is a member of the joint MA ATM primary expert group.

Charlie GilderdaleCharlie Gilderdale
Secondary Coordinator

Charlie has taught mathematics in three local secondary schools, including a stint as a Head of Department. During the last 25 years he has worked at the University of Cambridge, initially in the Faculty of Education training new secondary mathematics teachers, and more recently as a member of the Millennium Mathematics Project, contributing to the NRICH website and working in schools with students and teachers. His recent work has focussed on problem solving and on creating opportunities for learning mathematics through exploration and discussion. He has developed resources for secondary teachers which aim to enrich the secondary school curriculum and resources for secondary students which challenge them to think mathematically.

Bernard Bagnall
Bernard Bagnall
Primary Teacher Associate
Bernard has been teaching in Primary Schools since the early sixties and became the Mathematics Advisory teacher in Suffolk in the eighties. Since leaving full time teaching he has worked part time in Teacher Training and has run many courses for able pupils. He has a passion for investigational mathematics and started Bernard's Bag on the NRICH site. Bernard is now an author for NRICH, helping Liz to develop the primary material.

Alison Kiddle
Alison Kiddle
Secondary Teacher Associate
After studying maths at Cambridge University, Alison taught for five years in the East of England, trying (and occasionally succeeding) to convince young people that maths can be useful, beautiful and a great deal of fun.
Alison joined the NRICH team in January 2009 and focusses mainly on developing Stage 4 material, as well as working closely with Charlie to create strong links between Stage 3/4 and Stage 4/5. Alison is particularly interested in how to help students become better problem solvers.

Frances WatsonFran Watson
Primary Professional Development Coordinator

Fran joined the NRICH team in 2013 and since October 2015 has been the Primary PD coordinator.  
Originally trained as an engineer, she has taught maths to pupils in lower, primary, middle, secondary and upper schools. She loved being an AST for 7 years, sharing her enthusiasm for all things mathematical and supporting teachers to develop mathematical thinking opportunities for their learners. She now travels wherever NRICH is known and invited, running PD for teachers and workshops for children.

Owen SmithOwen Smith
Unix Systems Admin

Owen joined the NRICH team in June 2002. He primarily deals with the technical development of the NRICH website and administration of our servers.
Prior to NRICH Owen worked for a Cambridge software development and hosting company. Owen's early career found him working as a sound engineer and building kit cars.

Dr Sue Gifford
Early Years Consultant

Sue works with training and practising teachers at the University of Roehampton. Previously a London primary teacher, she researches early years mathematics education and children with mathematics difficulties. She is chair of the British Society for Research into the Learning of Mathematics, is a founding member of the Early Childhood Maths Group as well as being early years advisor for NRICH. Her publications include Teaching mathematics 3 to 5: developing learning in the Foundation Stage and the Nuffield project ‘Making Numbers: using manipulatives in the teaching of arithmetic’.  She is currently working with teachers on developing pattern awareness with three to five year olds.

Andrew Sharpe
NRICH Roadshow Coordinator & MMP Liaison

Andrew joined the team in 2018 and delivers the NRICH Hands on Maths Roadshow, going into schools with a collection of our favourite hands-on mathematical puzzles, games and activities. Before joining the team he taught secondary mathematics for a decade in the UK and internationally. He has a passion for developing the use of technology in the classroom and worked as a digital learning coach across primary and secondary schools. He has also worked as a primary maths outreach coordinator for feeder schools. He loves writing puzzles, solving puzzles, helping students to be creative with their maths, and encouraging collaboration and communication. He currently also works as an associate for Maths Inspiration and runs his own problem solving website called Puzzle of the Week.

Oscar GillespieOscar Gillespie
Web Application Developer

Oscar joined NRICH in 2018 and builds HTML5 interactives for this website. He worked for Douglas Adams in his first job, spent 16 years in the games industry, worked in solar energy and served as a local politician for a while, and worked in technology for chemistry education, then literature education, before landing very happily in the world of maths. He is particularly interested in accessibility, cellular automata and board games.