Maths Week England 2021 - Student Webinar

Age 7 to 14

Maths Week England aims to provide young people in England with a positive image of mathematics, and to contribute in a small way to improving the national attitude towards this vital and beautiful subject.

To celebrate Maths Week England in November 2021, Liz and Charlie led a webinar to introduce one of their favourite NRICH tasks, Fruity Totals. In the Teachers' resources, you will find the particular codes they used for each arrangement of fruit (paste the code into the Settings menu to recreate the grid).

They suggested that pupils could explore the higher levels of the interactivity (accessed via the purple cog Settings menu) as a follow-up.

Please do share your pupils' thinking on Twitter, along with a picture of the grid and the code, so that others can recreate it.


Here is the recording of the webinar: