Fractions Unpacked

Fractions Unpacked

In this feature we offer rich tasks which help to build learners' deep conceptual understanding of fractions.  

The tasks are split into two groups.  The first includes activities which will build on children's current understanding of fractions and will help them get to grips with the concept of the part-whole relationship.  The second group focuses on the progression of ideas associated with fractions, through a problem-solving lens.  

We recommend you start by reading the article, which discusses each group of tasks in turn, outlining further reasons for grouping in this way and explaining why each particular task has been selected.

Exploring Fractions 

Age 5 to 11
This article, written for primary teachers, links to rich tasks which will help develop the underlying concepts associated with fractions and offers some suggestions for models and images that help support ideas around fractions.
This group of tasks provides a chance for meaningful mathematical discussion about fractions and sharing of current understanding.
The tasks in this group reflect a progression of ideas associated with fractions but crucially also offer opportunities for learners to develop their problem-solving and reasoning skills.