Solving Together - Guidance for Teachers

Age 11 to 14

The Solving Together collection of six homework activities has been designed for Year 7 students and their parents/carers to work on together. This guidance for teachers complements the Guidance for Parents

We suggest that the activities are set as homework tasks, once a week for a six week period, towards the start of Year 7. Positive experiences of working on mathematics at home with families can have a huge impact on children's attitudes to mathematical learning in school. Transition to secondary school is a key time to reinforce this, as parents may become less confident about helping children with mathematics. The Solving Together resources are designed to model positive mathematical interactions that any parent or carer can have with their Year 7 child.

Each activity consists of an introductory video and an interactive game or challenge that families can access using any internet-enabled device. You may wish to introduce the task in class, before setting it for homework. The six tasks are:

Solving Together - Got It!
Solving Together - Estimating Angles
Solving Together - Frogs
Solving Together - Square It
Solving Together - Treasure Hunt
Solving Together - Combining Lengths

Each activity has a corresponding resource designed for classroom use, with Teachers' Resources to accompany it. Here are the links to the Teachers' Resources:

Got It!
Estimating Angles
Square It
Treasure Hunt
Combining Lengths

You may wish to use some of the ideas and key questions from the Teachers' Resources to follow up each homework activity in class.