Solving Together - Got It!

Age 11 to 14

This is a game for two players.
The object of the game is to be the person who reaches the target of 23.

Watch the video for an introduction, or scroll down to have a go.

Alternatively, here are some instructions on how to play.

Play the game several times.
Can you find a strategy so that you always reach 23 before your opponent?

Once you've played a few games, talk about your ideas and try to come up with a winning strategy.
Then test out your strategies by playing together against the computer.

Tablet/Full Screen Version

Once you have a winning strategy, change the target from 23 to a different total.
Can you adapt your winning strategy?

Now try changing the range of numbers you can add.
Can you adapt your strategy again?

Is it always best to go first?

Note for parents: You may find it useful to watch our Guidance for Parents video for advice on how to get the most out of the Solving Together resources.

Got it! is based on a mathematical game called Nim. It builds important problem solving skills, such as thinking strategically and making generalisations.