Solving Together - Treasure Hunt

Age 11 to 14

Some treasure has been hidden, and it's your job to work together to find it!

Watch the video for an introduction, or scroll down to have a go.

Alternatively, here are some instructions on how to play

Try the puzzle several times.
How many guesses do you need to find the treasure?

Talk about your ideas and work together to come up with a strategy for finding the treasure after only a few guesses.
How many guesses do you need to be sure of finding the treasure?

If you want to play without using the computer, you might find it useful to print off these grids

Note for parents: You may find it useful to watch our Guidance for Parents video for advice on how to get the most out of the Solving Together resources.

Treasure Hunt is an example of Taxicab geometry. Solving this puzzle builds important problem solving skills, such as working systematically and looking for patterns.