Solving Together - Estimating Angles

Age 11 to 14

This game for two players challenges you to estimate angles. 

Watch the video for an introduction, or scroll down to have a go.

Alternatively, here are some instructions on how to play.

Take it in turns and play 10 rounds of the game. Can you both score more than 50 points?

If you want to work away from the computer, you could draw some angles for each other, estimate them, and then measure them using a protractor to check your estimates.

There are four levels, so after playing at level 1, you could play the game at the other levels:



Level $2: 0-180^\circ$
Level $3: 0-270^\circ$
Level $4: 0-360^\circ$ 

After you have played some rounds, you might like to discuss why you find some angles easier to estimate than others. 

Note for parents: You may find it useful to watch our Guidance for Parents video for advice on how to get the most out of the Solving Together resources.

Estimating Angles enables you to become familiar with angles of different sizes and builds the important problem solving skills of visualising and estimating skills.