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LOGO Challenge - Triangles

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

The theme in the rest of the magazine is TRIANGLES. But triangles are available in all sizes and in 'several' varieties.

Similarly this month LOGOland will focus on triangles - equilateral triangles and a tri-radial variant (Fig.2) and triquetral variant (Fig. 3) that can be derived from the equilateral triangle.

Just how many types of triangles can you name/ list?

What follows below is for those who feel comfortable using 'primitives', those who have possibly written procedures and probably produced small programs.

Can you replicate the patterns below and/or create related patterns? But, as before, the challenge will be to produce elegant solutions. -- Elegance here implies simplicity!

Triangles 1 Triangles 2 Triangles 3