Inclusion and Assessment in LK20 - Trondheim 2022


“If I had to reduce all of educational psychology to just one principle, I would say this: The most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows. Ascertain this and teach him (or her) accordingly.”
Ausubel, 1968


Every student has the right to succeed, and every student has the right to struggle – the NRICH approach

It has been four years since MatteLIST went live, offering problems from NRICH translated for use in Norwegian schools.

NRICH's “Low Threshold – High Ceiling” problems, together with our HOTS not MOTS approach, aim to inspire all students to think and work like mathematicians.


A Primary school level sequence of tasks

Dicey operations in line
Less is More
More Less is More
The Number Jumbler
Subtraction Surprise

Links to resources to support Primary teachers:

A Secondary school level sequence of tasks

M, M and M
Unequal Averages

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