2nd STEM TI Day 2011/12

Age 11 to 18

First stemNRICH TI day: 30 September 2011


We hope you enjoyed the second stemNRICH teacher inspiration day (19 March 2012)!

All the resources from the day are linked from this page. 

Don't forget to use Twitter to keep in touch with everyone. Get a discussion going on the #stemNRICH hashtag.

Alternatively, email us at stemnrich[at]maths.org.   And don't forget to join in the discussion about the STEM picture of the month.



What progress have we made so far?

What questions do we want answered today?

Cola cubed workshop
Terrarium workshop
Dragster project workshop
  • Full project notes for a deep learning cross-curricular day (science, geography, maths, food technology, DT, business studies)
Special relativity workshop
STEM starters
Final discussion

What answers have we found?

What questions remain?

Where next?

Final plenary

CREST awards
Moving on-sfh1003.ppt