Probability Articles

Introducing Probability

Age 11 to 16

What is our approach about?

Why Start with Tree Diagrams?

Age 11 to 14

Why the tree diagram is fundamental to studying probability - and why it should be introduced right from the start.

Probability Calculations from Tree Diagrams

Age 11 to 16

Progression from natural frequencies to proportions to the multiplication rule, and hence to probability trees.

Learning Probability Through Mathematical Modelling

Age 11 to 16

Moving from the particular to the general, then revisiting the particular in that light, and so generalising further.

Tree Diagrams, 2-way Tables and Venn Diagrams

Age 11 to 18

Representing frequencies and probabilities diagrammatically, and using the diagrams as interpretive tools.

Independence and Dependence

Age 11 to 18

When are events independent of each other? Sampling with and without replacement.

Conditional Probability Is Important for All Students!

Age 11 to 18

Understanding statistics about testing for cancer or the chance that two babies in a family could die of SIDS is a crucial skill for ALL students.