Introductions to ...

An Introduction to Magic Squares

Stage: 2, 3 and 4

Find out about Magic Squares in this article written for students. Why are they magic?!

Divisibility Tests

Stage: 3 and 4

This article takes the reader through divisibility tests and how they work. An article to read with pencil and paper to hand.

An Introduction to Tree Diagrams

Stage: 3 and 4

This article explains how tree diagrams are constructed and helps you to understand how they can be used to calculate probabilities.

An Introduction to Modular Arithmetic

Stage: 4

An introduction to the notation and uses of modular arithmetic

An Introduction to Irrational Numbers

Stage: 4 and 5

Tim Rowland introduces irrational numbers

An Introduction to Proof by Contradiction

Stage: 4 and 5

An introduction to proof by contradiction, a powerful method of mathematical proof.