Sticky Data

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

This activity is designed to be worked on in a large group or as a whole class.  For more information, please read the Teachers' Notes.

Everyone in your group or class will need a sticky note.  Write your name on it.  You could even draw a picture of yourself on it too.

You'll also need some large sheets of flipchart paper or you could work on the board or the floor.

Draw two long lines on the paper/board/floor, something like this (you might ask an adult to do this for you):

You're going to use your sticky notes and the lines to help find out the answers to some questions.  Here are some questions to start you off:

  • How many boys and how many girls are there in your group?
  • Which month has the most birthdays for your group?
  • How old are the children in your group?

We would love to see photos of the block diagrams you create and to know how you went about making them.  Could you give a name to the lines in each case?

You will have questions of your own as well.  We would like to hear about the questions you asked and to see the block diagrams you made to help answer them.