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If the score is 8-8 do I have more chance of winning if the winner is the first to reach 9 points or the first to reach 10 points?


A player has probability 0.4 of winning a single game. What is his probability of winning a 'best of 15 games' tournament?

Snooker Frames

It is believed that weaker snooker players have a better chance of winning matches over eleven frames (i.e. first to win 6 frames) than they do over fifteen frames. Is this true?


Age 16 to 18
Challenge Level

A table-tennis championship for $2^n$ players has $n$ rounds and is organized as a knock-out tournament, with players randomly matched together at the start. The last round is the final.

Before the tournament starts, I decide to pick two players to support at random from the list of entrants. What is the probability that they have to play against each other at some point in the tournament?


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