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Board Block

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

You can play this game for two players on the interactive pegboard, or on a real circular pegboard if you have one.  Or you could print off sheets of circles from this page.

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How to play:

Firstly, choose the number of pegs on your board.  Six might be a good choice to start with and you could print off this sheet of pegboards with six pegs if you are not using the interactivity.
Take it in turns to add a band to the board.
Bands must fit round three pegs, in other words, each must make a triangle.
A band can share a peg with other bands, but the triangles must not overlap (except along the edges and pegs).

A player loses when they cannot make a triangle on their turn.

What are the winning strategies?
Once you've mastered this game, why not play to lose?
You might like to extend the game - have a look at this for a more challenging version.

Perhaps you can invent some of your own games using the pegboard? You'll need to think about the rules of the game and what players need to do to win. If you'd like to share your ideas by emailing