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How can you cut a doughnut into 8 equal pieces with only three cuts of a knife?

Rectangle Tangle

The large rectangle is divided into a series of smaller quadrilaterals and triangles. Can you untangle what fractional part is represented by each of the shapes?

Dividing a Cake

Annie cut this numbered cake into 3 pieces with 3 cuts so that the numbers on each piece added to the same total. Where were the cuts and what fraction of the whole cake was each piece?

Light Blue - Dark Blue

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Look at each of these five squares.

What is the pattern?

How much of the second square is light blue? Can you write this as a fraction?

For each of the five squares, write the area of the square that is light blue as a fraction.

Can you work out what the next two diagrams would look like? What fraction of these squares will be light blue?