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Four Triangles Puzzle

Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level:

Zac and Olly from  Pendragon School Cambridgeshire sent in the following:

I have attached a solution two of my year 6 children came up with to the 'four triangles' problem. They spent three lessons talking about it before coming to their agreed solution!


Orchards Primary in Wisbech sent in solutions from their different (tree) classes: 

Laburnum Class worked really hard to try to explain how they made their shapes.
This photograph is Ciara-Rose and Zarah's work. We often like to work together in pairs or groups at Orchards School! Then Hawthorn Class' solution.


Then we have Juniper Class, here's just one picture solution

 and the rest of their excellent work can be seen here 
Juniper Y4.docx

From Year 5 group Bute House Prep School the teacher sent in the following:

The Year 5 girls worked in groups to investigate how many arrangements they could find.  They considered the different ways they could classify the shapes they made and whether or not they could prove they had them all. The attached document is the conclusions Maya, Kyra and Amelie came to. 
You can see it here.docx  

Thank you for these good ideas of working with the triangles. I wonder what happens if you add one more triangle?