We have features on the use of key manipulatives (be sure to take a look at Jenni Back’s article on use of manipulatives: Manipulatives in the Primary Classroom):
Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level:


This feature brings together a range of activities which involve the use of counters.

Age 5 to 11


This feature brings together activities which make use of a geoboard or pegboard.

Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level:


This feature brings together tasks which make use of interlocking cubes.

Age 5 to 11

Playing with Dice

New term, new classes? Playing with dice can tell you a lot about how your new pupils think.

Age 5 to 11

Intriguing Interactivities

This feature for primary teachers brings together tasks with interactivities to stimulate learners' curiosity.

Age 5 to 11


The tasks in this feature use Cuisenaire rods to help learners visualise and explore the links to be made between proportionality, equivalence, comparison, difference and pattern.