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Paper Patchwork 1

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

Below is a picture of an unfolded piece of paper. 
Can you work out what shape is made when it's folded along the crease shown on the left-hand side?

Click below if you want to see the shape.

Can you make one of these shapes with a new piece of paper?

Now, make several of the same shape from A4, A5 and A6 pieces of paper in  contrasting colours.

Challenge 1
Take a large and small shape made from your first colour and a medium shape made from your second colour.

Make a pattern from your shapes, by laying them on top of each other, that fits both of these rules:
You must be able to see at least part of each shape.
All three shapes must fit inside the perimeter (outline) of the largest shape.

Challenge 2
Use a new large, medium and small shape to recreate the same pattern but in opposite colours from Challenge 1.

Place these two patterns next to each other and begin to make a 'Paper Patchwork' out of the patterns on your classroom floor. 

Can you make each of the new patterns a different design from any of the others?

We would love to see photos of the patchwork patterns you have made!

If you enjoyed these challenges, why not have a go at Paper Patchwork 2?