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Play to 37

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level
We had quite a few solutions sent in for this challenge, thank you all. 

Luke, Jono and Ross from Bottesford Primary wrote:

Whilst playing the game we figured out that whoever starts wins. We were playing and there were people playing next to us and the person who started also won. This is because an odd number add an odd number equals an even number.  If you add an odd number again it equals an odd number and so on. For example:

30+7=37 so the person that started will win.  Just to clarify we did it again:

36+1=37 and yet again player 1 won.

36+1=37 and it happened again.

The 4/6 MEP team from Lumen Christi Primary School in Point Cook, Australia told us:

Children from our MEP (Math Extension Program) worked collaboratively on this task and came up with these solutions and observations: here.doc or here.pdf 

Do read their very well explained solution - it is well worth it!

Kate from Malvern Primary School also in Australia sent in the following with some extra observations:

Here are some answers that I came up with:

7,7,7,7,3,5,1;  5,5,5,5,5,5,7;   1,3,7,7,1,1,1,5,1,1,3,3,3;   5,3,7,5,3,5,5,1

Here is one with all the numbers.   1,7,7,5,3,5,3,5,1
The minimum number of the numbers you can use is 7 and the maximum is 37

We also received solutions and ideas from the following children at Holywell Middle School: Shannay, Morgan, Ben, Ahmad, Andy, Tom, Beth, Dominic, Darragh, Charlie and Hayden, Hollie, Jamie and Alfdog, George and Danny, Katie, Alex, Anita, Luke, Emma and Thea, Adam, Amy and Kai, Toby, Alex, Marko, Rakan, Ben, Amy, Maddy, Venuja, Thea and Lauren; and the following from St. Helens in Abbotsham: Joel, Zach, Alex, Archie, Grace, Lizzy, Teri, Thomas, Stefan, Ella, Alisdair, Billy, Jamie, Ethan, James, Harry Callum, Amy, Evie, Izzy, Zoe, Clara, Savannah, Amelia, Kelsie and Phoenix. 

Thank you for the solutions you sent in.  This challenge led to some thoughtful work. Well done!