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What's the Weather Like?

Age 11 to 14
Challenge Level

H and J investigated the hypothesis that Eastbourne has, on average, more hours of sunlight than Shawbury here.

Hannah and Georgina investigated the hypothesis that February is the wettest month of the year here.

Chloe from Twynham investigated whether winters in Eastbourne had got warmer since 1959 here.

Harry from Twynham investigated the hypothesis that the average number of hours of sunlight is increasing here.

Jordan and Ella from Twynham investigated the hypothesis that in January, the further south you are, the more hours of sunlight there will be here.

Rhiannon investigated the hypotheses that towns in the west are wetter than those in the east, and that Spring is the wettest season. You can see her investigation here.

Lots of great investigative work here - well done everyone! There's lots of other things you could still investigate.