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There are 11 NRICH Mathematical resources connected to EY Number words, you may find related items under Early Years Foundation Stage.

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Counting Collections in the Early Years

Age 3 to 5

In this article for practitioners, Cath Gripton and Deliah Pawluch explore the 'counting collections' approach, which encourages children to spend time playing and experimenting with counting.

Show Me

Age 3 to 5

In this task, children will learn different ways of representing the same number.

The Box Game

Age 3 to 5

In this game, children will use their addition and subtraction skills to keep track of the number of toys hidden inside a box when toys are added in or taken out.

Owl's Packing List

Age 3 to 5

In this activity, children can practise reading numbers and counting items in order to help Owl pack for his holiday.

Water, Water ...

Age 3 to 5

This task provides a real-life context for children to compare capacities in order to choose the biggest container for their lemonade.

Number Book

Age 3 to 5

Creating a 'Book of Four' provides an opportunity for children to collect groups of four objects and consider how the groups of objects are similar.

Cooking with Children

Age 3 to 5

By following some simple recipes in this task, children can practise the skills of measuring and counting ingredients.

Mud Kitchen

Age 3 to 5

When playing in this mud kitchen, children will be using the language of size and capacity to choose utensils for different tasks.

Incey Wincey

Age 3 to 5

In this game, children roll the dice and count how many steps to move the spider up or down the drainpipe.

Number Rhymes

Age 3 to 5

In this activity, the rhyme 'Ten Green Bottles' is used to encourage children to count backwards to work out how many bottles are left.


Age 3 to 5

When tidying away toys in this activity, children will use their counting skills to check that all the toys are in the box.