Age 7 to 18
Challenge Level

What happens when you bring together Tiddlywinks and football?

You get Phiddlywinks!

Playing the game

Phiddlywinks is a game for two players. The winner is the first player to get the white counter into the coloured region at the opposite end of the board. Player 1 is aiming for the blue region and Player 2 for the red region.

The game begins with the white counter in the centre circle.

Players take it in turns to either:

  • Place a black counter on the board or
  • Move the white counter. 

The white counter moves by jumping in a straight line over one or more black counters. A player may be able to make more than one jump when it is their turn.

To play Phiddlywinks, you can either print off black and white or colour versions of the board, or use the interactivity below.

Using the interactivity

To add a black counter, click on the point where you would like it to be placed.

To move the white counter, click on the black counter you want to jump over. When you have completed all your jumps, click on the 'Continue' button.

Clicking on the purple cog gives you the option to play against a friend, against the computer, or to watch two computers play against each other.

You may be interested in the article Phiddlywinks - a Tribute to John Conway, which gives a bit of background to this game.