ATM-MA 2019 Conference - Secondary Resources

Age 11 to 16

Using NRICH to nurture curious and creative problem solvers

Here are links to the resources that Charlie and Alison introduced in their workshop

More Number Pyramids
Which is Bigger?
Polygon Rings

Links to NRICH resources to support teachers

Collections of Short Problems linked to the Secondary Curriculum.

Posters for the classroom.

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“”¦ a teacher of mathematics has a great opportunity. If he fills his allotted time with drilling his students in routine operations he kills their interest, hampers their intellectual development, and misuses his opportunity. But if he challenges the curiosity of his students by setting them problems proportionate to their knowledge, and helps them to solve their problems with stimulating questions, he may give them a taste for, and some means of, independent thinking.”

Polya, G. (1945) How to Solve it