More Upper Primary Recording Mathematics

Here are some more upper primary activities which lend themselves to a focus on recording mathematics.

Beads and Bags

Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level:

How could you put these three beads into bags? How many different ways can you do it? How could you record what you've done?

Junior Frogs

Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level:

Have a go at this well-known challenge. Can you swap the frogs and toads in as few slides and jumps as possible?

Let Us Divide!

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Look at different ways of dividing things. What do they mean? How might you show them in a picture, with things, with numbers and symbols?

Andy's Marbles

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Andy had a big bag of marbles but unfortunately the bottom of it split and all the marbles spilled out. Use the information to find out how many there were in the bag originally.