Post-16 Curriculum

The first draft of our mapping document for the new A level is now available to download. This is a work in progress and will continue to be updated.
NRICH A level Curriculum Mapping Document 

The links below take you to a selection of "rich tasks" from the NRICH collection, chosen because they are ideal for developing subject content knowledge as well as mathematical thinking and problem-solving (process) skills.

If you have students who are hoping to sit STEP, MAT or other advanced problem solving examinations, please encourage them to visit the STEP Support Programme.


A Level Pure Resources

Pure resources for A Level

Further Pure Resources

Collection of Further Pure resources

Age 16 to 18

Stage 5 Applied Topics

Stage 5 statistics, mechanics and decision mathematics material organised by topic

Age 16 to 18

Mathematical Processes at Stage 5

Mathematical process collections for teachers of Stage 5 students