Be a Mathematician!

Mathematicians often know lots of mathematical facts, but, more importantly, they think about maths in different ways. These activities are grouped to help you to practise thinking like a mathematician. 

Working Systematically - Lower Primary

Mathematicians try to work systematically so they can see how they worked something out, and see patterns which messy work might not reveal. Here's a selection of tasks where having good ways to sort and organise can be very helpful.

Saying What You See - Lower Primary

You and your friends are probably quite good at imagining things and seeing things in lots of different ways. Here you'll put that to use in doing some maths challenges.

What Can You Find Out? - Lower Primary

Have a go at exploring as you look at these challenges, maybe with others. Talk about how it is going and if a slip-up occurs, then find a way out!

What If ... ? - Lower Primary

Here are some exciting activities for you - have a go at them and then see what happens if you change one of the little questions. You may be able to change it more than just once!

Convince Me! - Lower Primary

Here are some challenges that you can work on and then see if you can convince someone that your solutions are right! Have a go!

What's Your Plan? - Lower Primary

Sometimes it's not easy to know how to start a problem. Try talking to friend about how to start, and what sort of plan you'll have to carry on.

Practice Makes Perfect - Lower Primary

These activities make use of things you probably already know and help you to understand them even better for solving problems!