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Make a cube out of straws and have a go at this practical challenge.


Reasoning about the number of matches needed to build squares that share their sides.

Tangram Paradox

How can the same pieces of the tangram make this bowl before and after it was chipped? Use the interactivity to try and work out what is going on!

Playground Snapshot

Age 7 to 14 Challenge Level:

The image below is part of a piece of equipment found in the playground of a London school.

Playground frame

  • What do you think it is used for?
  • What is the shape of its base?
  • How would you describe it to someone over the phone?
  • Where was the sun, that created such strong shadows, in relation to the 3D structure?

Try to draw a picture of the whole structure from the information you have.

You might also like to make a model of it and shine a light onto it to reproduce all the shadows.