Arsenal Maths Tasks Collection

Arsenal-in-the-Community_logoThis collection of activities has been created in collaboration with Arsenal in the Community.

You can also find more activities exploring maths in a range of different sports on our Maths and Sport site.

Arsenal Collection: Half Time

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

What could the half time scores have been in these Arsenal matches?

Arsenal Collection: Match the Matches

Age 7 to 14 Challenge Level:

Decide which charts and graphs represent the number of goals Arsenal and Manchester United scored in fifteen matches.

Arsenal Collection: Who's the Winner?

Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level:

When two closely matched teams play each other, what is the most likely result?

Football Formations

Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level:

How many different ways can a football team be arranged?

Arsenal Collection: Football Logic

Age 11 to 16 Challenge Level:

Can you use your powers of logic and deduction to work out the missing information in these situations?

Arsenal Collection: Stadium Sightline

Age 14 to 18 Challenge Level:

How would you design the tiering of seats in a stadium so that all spectators have a good view?