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A circular plate rolls in contact with the sides of a rectangular tray. How much of its circumference comes into contact with the sides of the tray when it rolls around one circuit?

An Introduction to Irrational Numbers

Tim Rowland introduces irrational numbers

Approximating Pi

Age 14 to 18 Challenge Level:

By inscribing a circle in a square and then a square in a circle find an approximation to pi.
By using a hexagon, can you improve on the approximation? How much better an approximation is it?

Archimedes used this idea first with a hexagon, then a dodecagon (12 sides) and so on up to a 96 sided polygon to calculate pi and was able to establish that $$3\frac{10}{71} < \pi < 3 \frac{1}{7}$$

What are the strengths and limitations of this method?