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Man Food

Sam displays cans in 3 triangular stacks. With the same number he could make one large triangular stack or stack them all in a square based pyramid. How many cans are there how were they arranged?

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Sam Again

Here is a collection of puzzles about Sam's shop sent in by club members. Perhaps you can make up more puzzles, find formulas or find general methods.

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Investigate polygons with all the vertices on the lattice points of a grid. For each polygon, work out the area A, the number B of points on the boundary and the number of points (I) inside the polygon. Can you find a formula connecting A, B and I?

Great Granddad

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Great Granddad is very proud of his telegram from the Queen congratulating him on his hundredth birthday and he has friends who are even older than he is. Great Granddad was born in the year A (where A is the product of 3 prime numbers), he was 20 years old in the year B (where B is the product of a prime number and a square number), he was 80 years old in the year C (where C is the product of two prime numbers) and he celebrated his 100th birthday in the year D (where D is even and the product of 4 prime numbers). When was he born?