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Escape from the Castle

Skippy and Anna are locked in a room in a large castle. The key to that room, and all the other rooms, is a number. The numbers are locked away in a problem. Can you help them to get out?


Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level


Ben is hoping to enter the long jump at his school sports day.  
One day I saw him manage quite a good jump.
However, after practising several days a week he finds that he can jump half as far again as he did before.
This last jump was $3.75$ metres long.
So how long was the first jump that I saw?

Now Mia has been practising for the high jump.
I saw that she managed a fairly good jump, but after training hard, she managed to jump half as high again as she did before.
This last jump was $1.20$ metres.
So how high was the first jump that I saw?
How did you work these out?
Can you find any other ways of finding a solution?
Which way do you prefer?  Why?