Articles on Pedagogy

Our favourite articles concerning general pedagogical issues.

Rocking Chairs, Railway Games and Rayboxes

Age 5 to 18

In this article for teachers, Alan Parr looks at ways that mathematics teaching and learning can start from the useful and interesting things can we do with the subject, including modelling scientific enquiry.

Engaging Students, Developing Confidence, Promoting Independence

Age 5 to 18

Ideas to support mathematics teachers who are committed to nurturing confident, resourceful and enthusiastic learners.

Cultivating Creativity

Age 5 to 18

Creativity in the mathematics classroom is not just about what pupils do but also what we do as teachers. If we are thinking creatively about the mathematical experiences we offer our pupils we can open up opportunities for them to be creative. Jennifer Piggott shares some of her thoughts on creative teaching, and how it can encourage creative learners.

Improving Reasoning: Analysing Alternative Approaches

Age 5 to 18

In this article, Malcolm Swan describes a teaching approach designed to improve the quality of students' reasoning.

Mathematical Etudes

Age 11 to 18

This article by Colin Foster presents the idea of mathematical etudes as a way to develop fluency without tedium.

Exploration Versus Calculation

Age 5 to 11

This article, written for teachers, discusses the merits of different kinds of resources: those which involve exploration and those which centre on calculation.

What's All the Talking About?

Age 5 to 16

This fascinating article delves into the world of talk in the classroom and explains how an understanding of talking can really improve the learning of mathematics.

Breaking the Equation ' Empirical Argument = Proof '

Age 7 to 18

This article stems from research on the teaching of proof and offers guidance on how to move learners from focussing on experimental arguments to mathematical arguments and deductive reasoning.

Complex Instruction - Raising Achievement Through Group Worthy Tasks

Age 7 to 18

Many NRICH tasks have been designed with group work in mind. Read about Jo Boaler's research on the benefits of collaborative work and watch a clip of a teacher working in this way.

Search for Structure: Actions and Objects

Age 5 to 18

John Mason describes the thinking behind this month's tasks.

Performing Beyond Expectations - Using Sport to Motivate Students in Mathematics Lessons

Age 7 to 16

In this article, Alan Parr shares his experiences of the motivating effect sport can have on the learning of mathematics.

From Objects and Images to Mathematical Ideas

Age 5 to 18

This article looks at how images, concrete apparatus and representations can help students develop deeper understandings of abstract mathematical ideas.

Secondary CPD Follow-up

Been to an NRICH Secondary CPD session? Here are some follow-up materials and recommended reading.