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In Order

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Have a look at the sets of four quantities below.

Can you rank them in order from smallest to largest? To help you decide, you may need to find extra information or carry out some experiments.

Can you convince us that your order is right?
Of a kettle of boiling water
Of the centre of the sun
On a thermometer when you are quite well
Of the water in a school pond 
Of a rocket going up on bonfire night
Of a train
Of a ladybird walking along a leaf 
Of a ball being thrown to your friend   
Taken for a puddle of water to evaporate on a hot day
Taken for frogspawn to grow into a frog
Taken to walk across the playground
Taken for the moon to orbit the earth 
Of a clap of thunder 
Of a teacher blowing a whistle
Of a tap running
Of a recorder being played by a friend