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Weekly Challenge 14: Mad Robot

Stage: 5 Short Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

A mad robot sets off towards the North East on a journey from the origin. It travels in stages by moving forward and then rotating on the spot. It follows these pseudo-code instructions:


$\quad$DISTANCE = 1000

$\quad$WHILE (DISTANCE  > 0.001)
$\quad\quad$MOVE DISTANCE
$\quad\quad$DISTANCE = DISTANCE / 2
$\quad$END WHILE



Where does the robot explode?

Extension: Write a program such that the angle rotated and other factors in the problem are variables. Explore where the robot might end up.

Note: You might want to consider this problem in conjunction with the cool Twilgo site!
Did you know ... ?

Many computer programming jobs involve a mixture of logic, clear thinking and mathematics. Learning lots of mathematics and learning to think programmatically can open many doors in the job-market.