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There's a Limit

Explore the continued fraction: 2+3/(2+3/(2+3/2+...)) What do you notice when successive terms are taken? What happens to the terms if the fraction goes on indefinitely?

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Not Continued Fractions

Which rational numbers cannot be written in the form x + 1/(y + 1/z) where x, y and z are integers?

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Fair Shares?

A mother wants to share a sum of money by giving each of her children in turn a lump sum plus a fraction of the remainder. How can she do this in order to share the money out equally?

Ratios and Dilutions

Stage: 4 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3
What proportion of the new solution is the old solution? What proportion is water?
Think about how you can use these proportions to express the concentration of the new solution each time.