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Number Squares

Start with four numbers at the corners of a square and put the total of two corners in the middle of that side. Keep going... Can you estimate what the size of the last four numbers will be?


This challenge is to design different step arrangements, which must go along a distance of 6 on the steps and must end up at 6 high.

So It's 28

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

just 28
I've just found that I keep coming across the number $28$.
Next Year's calendar for February:
Screen 09/12

then there's my set of $28$ dominoes:
S Dominoes

So, why don't you explore this number? Find $28$ flat shapes the same and put them together in some way.

Here are some I found using circular discs, octagons, hexagons, triangles and pentagons.
discsnew octhex

You may like to try $28$ cubes and get something like this:
28 new
or put together to make a caterpillar with changes at the ends.
Let us know what you come up with and what you notice.