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Medal Muddle

Age 11 to 14
Challenge Level

You may find it useful to print off and cut out these cards. You could arrange the countries randomly and then read through the clues adjusting the order as you go. Here is a set of cards for the extension.

Alternatively, you could begin by figuring out which teams couldn't have come first.


One way of working is to take each clue and turn it into a set of relations between pairs of countries:
"Russia finished above France and Algeria" could be turned into "Russia above France" and "Russia above Algeria".
The diagram below can help you draw vectors between pairs of countries, with arrows used to indicate the order in which they finished. (Be patient; the applet may take some time to load.)

If the GeoGebra applet does not load correctly you can save the GeoGebra file and open it using the free to download GeoGebra software.