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Dominoes Environment

Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level:

Explore our dominoes environment, or scroll down for some instructions.

A domino can be selected by clicking on it. To select more than one domino, hold down the shift key as you click on each one. Alternatively, you can drag a selection box around a group of dominoes.

One or more dominoes can be moved around the screen by selecting and dragging them, or by using the arrow keys.

Dominoes can be rotated by selecting them and then by using either of the two circular buttons on the left.

To get rid of dominoes from the screen, select them and click 'Discard'.

Selected dominoes can be put in a bag, which removes them from sight, by clicking 'Put in bag'. Clicking 'Draw from bag' returns one domino at random to the screen. 

'Save' allows you to save the dominoes that are currently on your screen. A .json file will be downloaded and can be shared with others, then uploaded using the 'Load' button.