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What fractions can you find between the square roots of 65 and 67?

There's a Limit

Explore the continued fraction: 2+3/(2+3/(2+3/2+...)) What do you notice when successive terms are taken? What happens to the terms if the fraction goes on indefinitely?

Not Continued Fractions

Which rational numbers cannot be written in the form x + 1/(y + 1/z) where x, y and z are integers?

The Genes of Gilgamesh

Age 14 to 16
Challenge Level


If three of my grandparents were French and one Russian then I would be said to be one quarter Russian and three quarters French (RFFF). If half of my great-grandparents were English and half other nationalities then I would be said to be half English (EX)

The king of Sumeria around 2600 BC was a great warrior called Gilgamesh . The tale of Gilgamesh the hero stated that Gilgamesh was "Two Thirds God and One Third Man".

Assuming normal reproductive behaviour between a set of ancestors of type pure G and a set of anscestors of type pure M, could you create an offspring of type two-thirds G and one-third M?

How many generations would it take to create a genetic stock to within 1% of (GGM)?