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Epidemic Modelling

Use the computer to model an epidemic. Try out public health policies to control the spread of the epidemic, to minimise the number of sick days and deaths.

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bioNRICH is the area of the stemNRICH site devoted to the mathematics underlying the study of the biological sciences, designed to help develop the mathematics required to get the most from your study of biology at A-level and university.

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Mixed up Mixture

Can you fill in the mixed up numbers in this dilution calculation?

The Genes of Gilgamesh

Stage: 4 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1
* Do you think that it is possible to make (GGM)?
* What other ratios (e.g. GGGGMM) would be equivalent to (GGM)?
* What possible fractions would be within 1% of (GGM)?

Can a fraction of one third ever be equal to a power of one half?