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Whole Numbers Only

Can you work out how many of each kind of pencil this student bought?

Squaring the Circle

Bluey-green, white and transparent squares with a few odd bits of shapes around the perimeter. But, how many squares are there of each type in the complete circle? Study the picture and make an estimate.


What number could replace * so that */5 is between 3 and 4?

All in a Jumble

Age 11 to 14
Challenge Level

All in a Jumble printable Card Set 1
All in a Jumble printable Card Set 2
All in a Jumble printable Card Set 3

My measurements have got all jumbled up!

Move the entries in the table to the correct place until all the measurements match up sensibly. For some items there are a few numbers which might be valid. You have to juggle them to find a combination where every measurement is valid.

This page will be different every time you load it or refresh it - so if you have unscrambled one set of measurements, you can try a new set.