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Walk and Ride

How far have these students walked by the time the teacher's car reaches them after their bus broke down?

Rolling Around

A circle rolls around the outside edge of a square so that its circumference always touches the edge of the square. Can you describe the locus of the centre of the circle?

N Is a Number

N people visit their friends staying N kilometres along the coast. Some walk along the cliff path at N km an hour, the rest go by car. How long is the road?

All in a Jumble

Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level:

My measurements have got all jumbled up!

Drag the entries in the table up and down until all the measurements match up sensibly. For some items there are a few numbers which would be valid. You have to juggle them to find a combination where every measurement is valid.

This page will be different every time you load it or refresh it - so if you have unscrambled one set of measurements, you can try a new set. See if you can do it with fewer uses of the 'score' button!

Small version for getting used to the idea:

Score - each item gets a maximum of three marks:
  • correct type of unit
  • within 20% of our estimate
  • within 1% of our estimate
On the large version, a good strategy is to drag finished items to the top of the list, so they won't get mixed around by your later work. If there are a few similar numerical values in your list, you might need to swap pairs over to get the last few marks.

Large version for a real workout!

The following sets of cards are available if you want students to work away from the computer. They will of course lose the facility to check their results online.
Card sort 1
Card sort 2
Card sort 3
Alternatively, you could right click over a table and select the option to print.