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Triangle Shapes

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1
Here are two triangles. We're going to see what shapes we can get by using many of them.
You might like to print off this sheet of triangles to cut out and use, or you could use this interactive board to make shapes:

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You might try putting them together like this:

Try making that or something similar.

Sometimes you can make "jewel-like" shapes:
See what "jewels" you can make.

You might make the triangles from different materials, or use an overhead projector transparency so that they are a bit transparent, then you can overlap them:
When you do that, you might try to see what shapes you've made at the overlap.

Maybe you could experiment further with this idea and create pictures like these:

Please do send in pictures of the shapes you make, whether they include overlaps or not.
Tell us what you notice about the shapes you've made.