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Baby Circle

A small circle fits between two touching circles so that all three circles touch each other and have a common tangent? What is the exact radius of the smallest circle?

Ab Surd Ity

Find the value of sqrt(2+sqrt3)-sqrt(2-sqrt3)and then of cuberoot(2+sqrt5)+cuberoot(2-sqrt5).

Absurdity Again

What is the value of the integers a and b where sqrt(8-4sqrt3) = sqrt a - sqrt b?


Age 16 to 18 Challenge Level:

Consider $(1 + \sqrt2)^n$. This will be of the form $A + B\sqrt2$ where $A$ and $B$ are integers. Decide which entries in the table below are possibe and which are not.
A even A odd
B even
B odd

What happens for $(a + \sqrt p)^n$ for other values of $p$?